Stauffenberg And My Life In The Shadow  Of A Hero


By Bernd Wollschlaeger, M.D.

& Dr. Peter Jackisch

“ I was born in 1958 as the son of a highly decorated World War II tank commander and grew up in the house of family Stauffenberg. My father, a German officer like Stauffenberg, was sworn to defend and obey Adolf Hitler. He grudgingly admitted to me that he knew about the murder of Jews but chose to ignore it; his inaction in stark contrast to the decision made by Stauffenberg. From conversations with Stauffenberg’s widow and personal study, I tried to discern what, unlike my own father, had motivated Stauffenberg to break his oath and attempt tyrannicide.”

▪  Son of a WWII tank commander questions his father’s life

▪  Growing up in the Shadow of a Hero

▪  Search for the truth leads to dissolution of father-son relationship